People wonder why the FDA or EPA isn’t banning these dangerous toxic chemicals that are causing the die off of pollinators!

Monsanto Corporate Government Takeover
Some people wonder how the killing of our pollinators could be allowed to happen! Why isn’t the FDA or the EPA banning these dangerous toxic chemicals that are causing it???
It is due to one alarming fact:
GMOBama.. Corporate Government
GMOBama.. Corporate Government

There is a large revolving door that connects Directors of Monsanto (all connected to Bayer,Dow & Syngenta) Chemical/Pharmaceutical Corporation and Governments EPA, USDA, & FDA agency Directors.. They come in and out at will, whenever a new chemical needs approval basically (IT MUST BE STOPPED):…. Obama is Monsanto and GMO’s biggest Lobbyist!! IT’S AN OBMAMANATION!! Here’s an article about his connection to Monsanto:

And Hillary Clinton is on the Monsanto “Board of Directors”, which explains a lot doesn’t it!!! Here’s another article:

All of our USA Government, or at least 80% of them are in some way connected to Monsanto, if not on the Board of Directors or carrying some high paying saleried job as director of something!!! Even the head of the EPA, FDA, and USDA, our supposedly important protection agencies, are working for or are former heads of Monsanto!! It’s a huge conspiracy to control the world food and genocide of the mass population to more “Tolerable levels” as they say!!!
Please do your part starting today!!! B.O.Y.C.O.T.T everything that is non-organic!!! AND… Stop buying they’re dangerous, toxic, unneeded products!