Across the nation Chipotle Restaurants…

Label GMOs
Across the nation Chipotle Restaurants have gone 100% GMO FREE!!!!
However, some media outlets funded by Big Ag and Biotech corporations are trying to undermine this healthy eating effort by Chipotle.
The Los Angeles Times has an op-ed this morning on Chipotle and its “junk science” on GMOs. The author served on Monsanto’s scientific advisory board.
We are entering a “he said/she said” scientific debate on the issue.Remember when our grandparents had the same in the tobacco industry?

Consumers want these ingredients labeled because it provides more data, accountability and traceability for more science.

Countries around the world are labeling these ingredients in order to provide more data and more science.

#LabelGMOs Let the free market decide. #BanGlyphosate #SavethePollinators

BEE UPDATE: Two new studies, published…

BEE UPDATE: Two new studies, published last week, add to the growing mountain of scientific evidence linking neonicotinoid pesticides (neonics) with the huge declines we’ve been seeing in bee populations. Details here: You can help by going to and sign our petition calling on EPA to rein in the overuse of these toxic pesticides that are wiping out bees. If you’ve already signed (thank you!) please share! Thanks for all you do to defend our planet’s critical pollinators. #SavethePollinators



Monsanto’s Roundup system threatens …

New Evidence on what's causing the decline of the Monarchs... Roundup Weed Killer toxic chemical!
Monsanto’s Roundup system threatens extinction of monarch butterflies

Canadian Beekeepers Sue Bayer and Syngenta…

Canadian Beekeepers Sue Bayer and Syngenta Over Neonicotinoid Pesticides. We must save the bees! Learn more: #savethebees #neonicotinoids #pesticides #food #bayer #SavethePollinators