We are reaching out to everyone for help with our cause. Do you want to help Save the Pollinators?

All funds are used for the cause! Here are some of the things we do with the money that is donated:

1. Promo materials, websites (like this one), man power, headquarters, advertising, etc…

2.We are attempting to gather a large Flash Mob for the next March against Monsanto activist Event May 23, 2015 this year.

3. We have a Musician in our group who has written over 100 songs for the cause and we plan to also finish the album of music to help bring awareness with our free hip pop style songs!

4. Travel Expenses for our Team to promote and march for the cause!

5. Research funding to help find causes and solutions!

6. Create promotional material like T-Shirts, Posters, Flyers, Magnets, Buttons, Calendars!! Yes, that much because we think the Pollinators are Worth It and we have to spread the word!


All of this and more take a lot of money that we don’t have! We are hoping to use these tools to bring everyone together in awareness of this serious issue. And we hope to stand in congress and on the steps of any chemical company who uses their power to over through critical banning and amendments to laws that will do whatever it takes and ban whatever it takes to Save our Precious Pollinators!!! Will you help today with a small donation? Any amount will help!

If you would like to donate any amount, we would highly appreciate it and you will get a reward keepsake bumper sticker or t-shirt depending on the size of the donation. If you choose to donate $25 or more please add a note with the payment of your T-Shirt size and male, female or child, and we will send our signature “Save the Pollinators” T_Shirt to your address associated with your Paypal account.

Rewards for donation, all rewards will be mailed within 2 weeks or less of your donation with exception of Music Album to be released and sent out in Fall of 2015:

1. $1 to $3 = Small “Save the Pollinators” Button

2. $4 to $8 = “Save the Pollinators” Bumper Sticker

3. $9 to $15 = “Save the Pollinators” Calendar Magnet & Bumper Sticker

4. $16 to $24 = “Save the Pollinators” Calendar Magnet, Bumper Sticker & Button

5. $25 to $35 = “Save the Pollinators”  T-Shirt please indicate size and male, female or child

6. $36 to $50 =  “Save the Pollinators” Calendar Magnet, Bumper Sticker & Button AND “Save the Pollinators”  T-Shirt please indicate size and male, female or child

7. $51 to $100 = Save the Pollinators Collectable Music Album of 12 pop and contemporary songs to be released Fall of 2015, plus Autographed by the artist and a Signed 8×10 Artist Photo as well. This collection comes with Music Videos DVD, MP3 downloads and Photo material!

Please click the donate button below to proceed to Paypal.