The Fraccident icon. symbols represent…

The Fraccident icon. symbols represent some of the FRACCIDENTS The Fraccident icon symbol on the map, represents some of the FRACCIDENTS related to the oil and gas drilling rush. Did you know there were those in your area? Or in parts of the country where your friends or loved ones live? Not only us are affected by this, the Pollinators are severely affected by this as well!

Not to mention the Glyphosate is killing…

Not to mention the Glyphosate is killing the pollinators in the world… Also, not a very large percentage of people have ever been allergic to gluten, in the history of humanity! Now all of a sudden in the last few years, gluten allergy and intolerance is rampant… or is it?
I have been saying that it has to be the toxins and genetic trash, since I found out about this toxic pesticide/herbicide being genetically inserted into conventional food!!
Save the pollinators and your family and your health, eat only #Organicfood, #cookfromscratch, get back control of your food…. and take the control out of the hands of the largest chemical corporation in the world!!

The time to ban fracking is now, that is…

The time to ban fracking is now, that is if you like fresh clean drinking water to drink, cook and bathe with!! Care now and Share with everyone you know!

So why are there so many people doing the…

So why are there so many people doing the opposite of what we’re here for? The world needs more Love!

In September, a United States appeals…

In September, a United States appeals court ruled that federal regulators were wrong to allow an insecticide developed by Dow AgroSciences onto the market. This is a big win for environmentalists, activists, concerned consumers, organic farmers and most importantly our pollinators.
Whoo Hoo!
Check it out:

This screams “The Lorax” all over it! Have…

This screams “The Lorax” all over it! Have you seen the Dr. Suess movie the Lorax? It’s about all the trees being cut down to the point that the people can no longer breathe and need to buy cans of air from the corporation who created the problem in the first place!~!!!! Sounds really familiar now!
First they bottled water, now they’re bottling…air? Corporations pollute our air and water, and then try to sell water and air to us. It’s outrageous. Bottled air is yet another chilling reminder that we need strong policies to protect our air and water.

New Study Shows Roundup Herbicide Causes…

New Study Shows Roundup Herbicide Causes Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria:
Research led by a team from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand has found that commonly used herbicides, including the world’s most used herbicide Roundup, can cause bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics.

The US Marines do something very special…

The US Marines do something very special every year and I hope you have donated to it this year! It’s “Toys for Tots” and it is an amazing program that donates new toys from people like you and me, to kids who don’t have anything for Christmas! I have donated at a “Toys for Tots” event here, have you donated yet at your local “Toys for Tots” event or drop off? Don’t forget, it’s easy to find a “Toys for Tots” location to drop your donation toys off at and it makes you feel really good to know your gift will be so appreciated by a child who may have had nothing without your donation!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!! Have Blessed Holidays and a Happy New Year!

“The Hulk” Mark Ruffalo states: ‘Monsanto…

“The Hulk” Mark Ruffalo states: ‘Monsanto Chief is Horrible’ and says it to his face!!! You go on with your bad self Mark!!! Who Hoo!