Hope Everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving…

Hope Everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!! We can thank our precious little pollinators for that lovely meal!! Without them, our meals wouldn’t be possible.

BREAKING NEWS: The U.S. Environmental…

BREAKING NEWS: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has withdrawn approval of the new toxic pesticide #EnlistDuo! This is a HUGE WIN for Monarchs!

“Removing this dangerous chemical from the market is a key step in protecting sensitive native plants and monarch butterflies, which have been further threatened by its impact on milkweed, the plant they need to survive.” —Sylvia Fallon, Senior Scientist at NRDC.

Read the full statement here: http://on.nrdc.org/1PZh43A
Best News Ever!!!! #SavethePollinators

This is a good start! #SavethePollinators

This is a good start!