This must stop before it’s too late and…

This must stop before it’s too late and humanities genes are deformed!!!

Fatal flow: Brine from oil, gas drilling…

Fatal flow: Brine from oil, gas drilling fouls land, kills wildlife at alarming rate
“An Associated Press analysis of data from leading oil- and gas-producing states found more than 180 million gallons of wastewater spilled from 2009 to 2014 in incidents involving ruptured pipes, overflowing storage tanks and even deliberate dumping. There were at least 21,651 individual spills. The numbers are incomplete because many releases go unreported.”

#BANFRACKING! Pollinators can’t drink this…

#BANFRACKING! Pollinators can’t drink this water!!! What will they drink? What will we drink? In the future?
This will be the downfall of Humanity if we don’t stop them from completely contaminating our only fresh water source “Underground Aquifers”!! The same water on Earth has been here for Millions of years and continuously is recycled over thousands of years to cleanse if for reuse. At this point the Fracking industry that has been working frantically for over 20 years now, is responsible for this horror of tap water contamination to the point of disaster! The company, coincidentally, that needs and uses most of the natural gas that these frackers are collecting is Nestle’s water bottling plants throughout the world!

So the fracking industry is contaminating all the water that Nestle hasn’t sucked dry yet… once all the fresh water aquifers are toxic, Nestle will come to the rescue and then this company will rule the world by way of ruling all fresh water!!!! And another coincidence, Nestle’s main water bottling headquarters and largest bottling plant is in none other than the driest state in the USA… California!

The oil industry says “We can’t stop fracking, oil is the most valuable resource on the planet!!” And I say “BS, Water iws and they know it!” Do you smell money grubbers killing our planet at the expense of us… Humanity!??
Go get ’em Erin Brockovich, you ROCK!!!

Bernie Sanders has been on a mission for…

Bernie Sanders has been on a mission for 23 years to stop the Devil Monsanto in the USA!! His state, Oregon, banned GMO technology and went head to head with Monsanto last year in court! The outcome has yet to be decided, but as far as I have researched Monsanto has not backed down!!! Bernie Sanders is the only politician in the running for president who is for the people and what’s good for us and our country and wants the mass overload of chemical contamination to stop the dangerous damage it’s doing to the American soil, water, food and it’s people!! #GoBernieSanders!!! #SavethePollinators and #SaveWildlife and #SaveourChildrensFuture!

Genetically modified foods were ushered in…

Genetically modified foods were ushered in with great promise, an answer to the world’s evolving food crisis. Instead we have a meltdown in food quality and antibiotic-like destruction of our intestinal microbiome, producing nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, toxins and a slowly evolving tsunami of ill health.
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Many Large and Small Countries are Done…

Many Large and Small Countries are Done with this GMO Horror contaminating their food sources, soil, water and air with genetic pollution and toxic chemicals and banning it from their countries!!! WTF USA, when will you see the light and stop hurting the American people with this bad technology!!!!???
Austrian Health Minister Sabine Oberhauser and a number of Italian Ministries have confirmed that both countries are officially requesting an opt-out from growing the eight varieties of GM maize permitted or set to be permitted at the EU level, thus there will now be a full ban on GM crops in both countries under new EU regulations.
“Austria has made use of the newly created EU opt-out rules for the authorization of genetically modified crops,” Oberhauser stated on Wednesday. She further added that Austria’s geographical opt-out demand was delivered to the European Commission earlier this week.
#BanGMO from the planet!!!