Without the 1987 international treaty that…

Beautiful Hummingbirds!
Without the 1987 international treaty that phased out CFCs and other refrigerants, propellants, and aerosols that deplete atmospheric ozone, the Antarctic ozone hole would have ballooned 40 percent by 2013.
It is time to act again, this time to Save our fresh water, food and air!!! #SavetheChildren #BanGMO #BanFracking #BanGlyphosates #BanNeonics Become a #NatureSavior #PreserveFreshWater #GoOrganic #SavethePollinators #StopChildhoodCancer #StoptheRiseinAutism #CampAutistic
>>> Life on Earth is #Inthe11thHour

A warning for humanity called S.O.S. -…

A warning for humanity called S.O.S. – Stop Out-of-control Science.

This infographic listed twelve areas of science and technology that posed a threat to the very future of humankind. Those twelve areas are:

1. Nuclear power.
2. GMOs (self-replicating genetic pollution).
3. Nanotechnology.
4. Bioweapons.
5. Atmospheric engineering.
6. Artificial Intelligence.
7. Particle accelerator experiments.
8. Pollinator disruption chemicals.
9. Weaponized vaccines.
10. Antibiotics.
11. Water pollution with fluoride and mercury.
12. Nuclear weapons.

Humanity is #Inthe11thHour >>> either wake up or it’ll be game over! Become a #NatureSavior >> Make Nature your high priority!

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/049898_Elon_Musk_rise_of_the_robots_runaway_science.html#ixzz3bfH5yKs7

Just beautiful Hummingbird video!! Please…

Pollinators need fresh water too
Just beautiful Hummingbird video!! Please make sure you use organic raw cane sugar or Organic corn syrup and not ever any GMO refined sugar or GMO corn syrup for these precious babies!!! The pollinators populations are severely declining due to the processed refined GMO sugar, pollen and other toxic roundup sprayed flowers and water they consume…. they need fresh clean water and organic sweets and no pesticides or herbicides in the garden and they will survive anything else will make them sick over time!@!!! Love to these Precious Hummingbirds and you for being their savior!! You are a #NatureSavior! #SavethePollinators

GMO technology turns genes on in plants to…

New Evidence on what's causing the decline of the Monarchs... Roundup Weed Killer toxic chemical!
GMO technology turns genes on in plants to make them resistant to toxic chemicals sprayed on them! Not just food, but most all vaccines these days also have GMO’s inside them. Many medicines are also genetically modified or have an ingredient that was derived from a plant that was genetically modified to turn on genes of resistance!!!
In the case of antibiotic resistance and illness, say Autism; It really makes me analyze how one twin could have Autism and the other doesn’t (I just read a heartwarming story about twins one with Autism). I feel it was a vaccine incident or GMO food, and the boy twin had a gene that predisposed him to Autism and it was turned off at birth. But the gene got turned on by something in the vaccine or GMO food he was given at an early stage in his development which made the Autism start up in him. Same goes with the antibiotic resistance… makes total sense!!! All livestock we eat are eating GMO’s, we are eating it (unless you are super careful), it makes sense resistance genes are activating in us!!! Are our Genes #Inthe11thHour ? This is not good! #BanGMO!!! #SaveourGenetics #BanGlyphosate #BanNeonics #SavethePollinators #SaveHumanity

This is a very alarming fact and it is…

pollen on bee
This is a very alarming fact and it is directly related to the mass overload of dangerous toxic chemicals in our Food, air, soil, crops and water!!!! The womb doesn’t protect the fetus like it used to, unless the Mother pays close attention to what she consumes 2 years before pregnancy and during pregnancy and while breast feeding then pays close attention to the food and drink she provides to the growing child!!!! Babies don’t have a chance in the womb these days from the Mothers who eat artificial chemical laden food!!! #CampAutistic #PreserveFreshWater #SaveOrganicFood #SavetheSeeds #SavethePollinators #SavetheChildren #StopChildhoodCancer Humanity is #Inthe11thHour

Actor Morgan Freeman has turned his …

pollen on bee
Actor Morgan Freeman has turned his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi into a refuge for bees. In this video clip he tells Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon about his concern for bees. Freeman has begun beekeeping and spends his days feeding them with sugar and water. His gardener also chips in by planting acres and acres of bee-friendly plants including clover, lavender and magnolia trees. This is Amazing! He truly is a #NatureSavior and he is saving the Bees!!! #SavethePollinators #GoMorganFreeman !!!!

We are now #Inthe11thHour because of the…

We are now #Inthe11thHour because of the stupidity!! And our children are suffering the greatest consequences #CampAutistic!!!
Stop the insanity! #BanFracking #BanGlyphosate and #BanSyntheticEstrogenPlastics! Don’t let the corporations create this artificial toxic world!! It’s a #ZombiesIntheMaking world!! Become a #NatureSavior > Hemp is the answer #LegalizeMarijuana >> #HempPlastic will save the world!!! #InDenial #WakeUP #SavethePollinators #SaveNaturalFood #ProtectCleanWater

There are thousands and thousands of bees…

BAN Roundup weed killer
There are thousands and thousands of bees that are not honeybees out there, pollinating our flowers and helping plants produce food. Who knew? Learn more: http://www.cornucopia.org/2014/04/bees
#SavethePollinators #Savethebees #SaveNaturalFood #food #BanGlyphosate